High School Programs

Art Commission

The Educational Foundation for Rockport encourages and invests in the artistic careers of Rockport students.  In 2017, the EFR selected the first commissioned student art work, to be sold, raffled, or auctioned to benefit EFR with the reproduction rights shared between the EFR and the student artist. The hope is that publicity in the media, as well as the award itself, will help advance the student’s college applications and possible career in art, as well as encouraging other young artists.

Juniors to College

This program allows the entire junior class to participate in a college tour, essay-writing workshop, information session, and lunch in a dining hall. The visit helps students better understand the college application process as they hear first-hand the expectations for admission and also gain a valuable experience through touring the campus and eating in the dining hall with  college students.

“The students were thoroughly engaged. To be able to participate in the college essay workshop was a huge bonus for our students.”—Heather Murphy and Ruth Price, guidance team


DECA is the high school’s business and entrepreneurship group, which takes what is learned in marketing and business classes and puts it to use in practical ways – competing in academic competitions at the district, state, and international level. Students learn skills such as time management, leadership, preparing business reports, interviewing skills, collaboration using technology and making presentations.

Virtual High School

Students are able to supplement their curriculum by choosing from a broad range of online courses that are not offered at RHS. Examples include AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, and AP Music Theory, as well as courses directly related to their intended college major, such as Sports and Society, Investing in the Stock Market, Engineering Principals, The Glory of Ancient Rome, and German Language and Culture. The curriculum and rigor of these courses help the students to be better prepared for college.

Awesome Rockport

Awesome Rockport is a small group of like-minded community members committed to making Rockport more awesome through small-but-impactful acts of guerilla philanthropy. This means we proactively seek out creative opportunities to make Rockport more awesome through cash infusions of $1,000 into the community. We are committed to identifying and supporting awesome Rockport-centric initiatives on a quarterly basis.

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