image from the Electrathon

Electrathon America

This is a program where students design, build and test single-seat electric vehicles that are intended to safely and efficiently travel on a closed-circuit track. They learn principles of engineering design, electrical systems, aerodynamics, vehicle mechanics, safety and teamwork through a real-world, hands-on project that students can meaningfully relate to. Students compete against other schools, with trophies going to the teams that get the most laps out of one charge. The program was introduced into the Rockport High School Technical Design course for the first time during the 2009-2010 school year. Students have continued to modify and improve the program’s two vehicles, winning first place in the composite division of the Connecticut Electrathon at Lime Rock Park. This hands on activity has produced a great deal of student learning and excitement, where in many cases, student involvement has kept them attending school and/or influenced their decision-making regarding post secondary education.

Electrathon America offers students a hands-on applied learning experience - designing, building, testing, and ultimately driving electric powered race cars. I can honestly say this is a program my son Ben was extremely excited about. I am grateful to the Ed Foundation for being able to help fund such an amazing program that makes such a huge difference to students at Rockport High School. - Angela Cook, parent