Virtual High School
image of Students taking Virtual High School classes

supplementing curriculum

Students are able to supplement their curriculum by choosing from a vast array of on line courses that are not offered at RHS. Examples include AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology and AP Music Theory, as well as courses directly related to their intended college major such as Sports and Society, Investing in the Stock Market, Engineering Principals, The Glory of Ancient Rome and German Language and Culture. The curriculum and rigor of these courses help the students to be better prepared for college.


VHS is important to me because it allowed me to learn more about something I am passionate about. Rockport High School wasn't able to offer a course in Screenwriting, so having VHS as an option is fantastic. VHS is important to the school because it can offer classes for students to be excited about taking part in. The information I took from this class is invaluable and I am very grateful for this opportunity. - Tony Ciluffo