Apply for a Grant

Faculty and administrators in the Rockport Public Schools are encouraged to apply to the Educational Foundation for Rockport (EFR) for grants to fund enrichment programs for academic advancement, experiential learning fees and materials on and off campus, and other educational support to Rockport Elementary, Middle, and High School efforts that otherwise would not be possible.

In general, EFR funding anticipates a one-time expenditure or support until the public funding budget can be modified for long-term inclusion. The higher the number of positively impacted students, the more likely funding will be awarded. After-school programs with academic purpose may also be funded in some manner, but are not the primary focus of EFR funding. The EFR generally does not fund after-school athletics or program transportation costs. Applications to fund more advanced technology and innovative approaches to student learning experiences will be especially welcome.

To apply for a grant, please fill out the funding request form. Once completed, your request will be routed to your principal for approval. You will be notified if your request was approved or denied. If approved, you will be asked to fill out a follow-up form that details the impact the program had on your students. We also ask that you provide images or videos from the program.

Thank you for your interest in the EFR!