Elementary School Programs

Ballroom Blitz

This program is offered to all RES fifth grade students and consists of eight weeks of instruction in ballroom dancing. Fifth graders learn the basic steps in dances such as the tango, waltz, cha-cha and swing, while also practicing proper dance-floor etiquette. The program  culminates in “The Ballroom Blitz,” a celebration of all the students have learned, performed in front of families and friends in the high school gym.

Ocean Explorers

The Ocean Explorers program provided an ongoing environmental/marine science experience built around a fall and spring field trip that included a voyage in Gloucester Harbor on the schooner Ardelle, and four in-class learning sessions to further develop and reinforce the subjects explored during the site visits. Topics covered included: moon and tides, classification, exploring marine food webs, habitat and adaption, water and energy, and sedimentary rock formation, to name a few. The program was funded through a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and $8,000 from the Ed Foundation.

Robotics and Coding

Rockport Elementary School students use hands-on games and computer programs, including Code & Go Robot Mouse and Osmo’s Newton App and Osmo’s Genuis Kit, to learn basic coding and explore physics concepts. The robotics and coding initiative is part of the school’s efforts to advance science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programming for K–5 students.

Kestrel Education

This enrichment program, led by the Cape Ann Kestrel Science Center, includes an in-class instructional program, followed by two hours of outside hands-on activities. Students experience the program at the Rowe Woods parcel of land adjacent to the Elementary School, where they find and identify plant and animal species indigenous to Cape Ann. The program is held in the fall and the spring.
Thank you to the Educational Foundation of Rockport for purchasing these fantastic coding and robotics equipment. The students love them!
Larissa DeBenedette

RES Technology Specialist

Theater Performance

This pilot presentation/performance of On the Air included costume and prop design, back stage crew duties, a chorus, as well as actresses and actors. The final performance was presented to the entire elementary school, parents, and family in order to celebrate their elementary school years as they transitioned to Rockport Middle School.

 “The fifth grade musical was a wonderful way to wrap up elementary school! Working with the stage crew, I got to see first hand how the kids got to have a lot of input. My own daughter was in the play as a character who got to sing and dance on stage in front of her peers, and she got to the chance to work on her confidence. The musical gave any fifth grader the chance to be part of the team. If performing wasn’t their thing, they could be part of the production team, designing and painting the sets, working the lights or working behind the scenes. The kids got the chance to collaborate with each other and perhaps work closely with someone they wouldn’t normally have worked with before and maybe even formed new friendships!” — Tracy daSilva, parent

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